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March 19, 2013


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Just copped your ebook and can't wait to read!!


When I was reading this I was nodding my head and thinking... Yep, this is already very much my perspective on the whole sampling thing, primarily because of the beattips manual.

I'm at the point were I find it strange if others think differently, like some of the examples you mentioned. I try to spread the word but i'm so focused on what I'm doing (sample based music) that I could care less what other's think good or bad.

But I'm glad that people like you are educating and spreading the good word of how sampling is a legitimate music making process that requires skill and lots of practice to master. It almost sounds stupid to me that I have to write that, of course it's a legitimate music making process!! Anyone who got involved with it would know that.

Anyway good job, great read and a good reminder, cheers.

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    "Sampling is piracy."
    WRONG! Piracy describes the wholesale, verbatim copying and distribution of copyrighted works. That is not sampling; that's something entirely different.
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    "You can legally sample and use any recording up to 1, 2, 3, or 4 seconds."
    WRONG! Under existing copyright law, there is no clear, predetermined length (amount in seconds) that is “legally” permissible to sample.
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    "If you use samples on a free mixtape, it’s perfectly O.K."
    WRONG! A free mixtape does NOT permit you to use samples from copyrighted recordings without the permission of the copyright holders.
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    "Sampling is easy; there’s nothing to it. Anyone can do it well."
    WRONG! Sampling is an art form that requires technical skill, imagination, and artistic understanding.
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    "Sampling involves the use of pre-recorded songs only."
    WRONG! While the art of sampling is most commonly understood to include the use of pre-recorded songs (traditionally from vinyl records), source material for sampling includes any recorded sound or sound that can be recorded.
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