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November 10, 2010

BeatTips Beat Battle September 2010 Winner: BrandonF42088

BrandonF42088 Scores Long Sought Win; TBC Still on the Move


Here's my breakdown of the most recent BeatTips Beat Battle.

1st place:
BrandonF4208 - "Sliver"

This joint has masterful command. Every element is well-stated and uncompromising. For instance, the bass-stabs show up ONLY when needed. Not only are they properly spaced, their discrete, smooth, and booming all at the same time... so effective—timing so perfect it's natural. Your pick for the snare was right and exact. And I dig the kick drops; nice touch! Also, this beat has that special kind of *room* that lyricists need to dig in and carve out something engaging. Finally, I gotta point out that this beat has *guts* and soul, with a sort of "chip on its shoulder." Great beatwork, man. Very impressed.

2nd Place:
Last Ritez - "The Magnificent"

This is bottom-dollar, gutter boom bap, with enough swing to absolutely murder a club! You kept the rhythm up front and center, and let everything "glide" unforced with it. Drums are steady, but *deadly hard*. This joint is well-paced and relaxed; and it has ample room for any lyricist to rock on. Dope.

3rd Place:
dKelloway - "Blast"

dK, it's clear that you now have a much stronger sense of rhythm. Also, I notice that you are branching out more into percussion. Dope! And was that a rising synth harmony line that I heard on this joint? Nice combination of samples and synths. Overall, your sound is *bigger* with this beat. I'm not necessarily sure if that's a good thing though, because I don't know if that's the direction you're actually trying to go in. Truth is: your more grimier, raw, straight boom bap is when you're at your best. And it's like I told SC a long time ago: embrace your influences, but don't fight against what you actually do best.

Editor's note: You can read the rest of the awards, Honorable Mentions, and notes here in the TBC here: BeatTips Beat Battle September Breakdown

You can hear all of the entries for the July battle here: BeatTips Beat Battle September Official Entries

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