• "I have been producing beats for a number of years now, and finding this caliber of literature is not always easy. Your book is ridiculously tight, your enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the culture is spilling from each page. Your writing style is so, that I couldn’t put the book down, I rolled meticulously from cover to cover I didn’t want to miss a sentence. This book has inspired me in a big way, so for that, I wanted to thank you. Keep doin what you do."
    —Phil Rose

    "Comprehensive, passionate and scholarly, The BeatTips Manual is much more than an instruction book for hip-hop producers...It is a thorough analysis of the hip-hop aesthetic itself. Highly recommended for anyone that takes hip-hop culture seriously."
    —Joe Schloss, Ph.D, Professor,
    New York University

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    —Charles Purnell

    "Ive had the 5th edition for a few weeks now and the book is nuts man. The book is huge and full of more goodness than the 4th with an even more extensive look at hip hop's roots, culture and production. Ive read the 4th edition multiple times and constantly used it for a reference when making beats, but this 5th edition is something else! The 5th has increased my knowledge of hip hop unlike any other book, and I have read a lot of hip hop books. Sa'id thank you for your dedication and love for hip hop and you hard work to keep it alive. Hip Hop thanks you!"
    —Brandon F

    “Detailed and thorough, I'd consider The BeatTips Manual to be the go-to guide for beatmaking. Highly recommended!”
    —Ivan Rott, HipHopIsRead.com

    "Sa'id, I just got my copy of The BeatTips Manual, and I LOVE it. I've been producing for about 4 years now, and I've read all sorts of books, websites, forums and instructional videos, and I can honestly say, that this is by far THE BEST aid I've ever found. You can really feel your passion for beatmaking & producing, and that's what makes it such infectious reading."
    —Nick "Stealf" Lester

    “This joint is thick and serious, I love it…I've never seen anything like it! This is not a 'skim the top' type of book..this is a great book, it’s thorough, it’s deep, it’s very informative...if you make beats, or have any interest in making beats/producing, this book is a must have, no questions, period.”

    "I love the book! Got so much info. I thought I knew alotta shit, til I read The BeatTips Manual...It's like you're giving away the game."
    —DJ Ladda

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    —Chiemela (aka AC)

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    —Phong Nguyen

    "I could go on and on pointing out everything I loved about the book, but I won't because it'll take forever. The essence of the book is really, really good...Let me thank you again and congratulate you for a great work. It really was a pleasure reading it, and it'll sure be really close to my production set-up."

    "THIS BOOK IS THE TRUTH! It delves deep into the philosophy of the producer, important comparisons of different styles, hip hop history, business, and tons of up close and personal interviews with hip hop's largest producers. All the pages are written in a down to earth, coherent manner so everyone from beginners to advanced producers can benefit. Highly recommended."
    —Turntable Lab

    "This is by far the single best book focusing on Hip Hop production. It is an absolute must read and it's for anyone beginning or continuing their journey into production. It will prove highly valuable and pay countless dividends to anyone willing to invest the time to obtain the vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom contained in its pages. Also, with interviews from renowned producers such as DJ Premier...and others being worth the price of admission, the book acts as a triple bonus."

    "You Must Learn. The BeatTips Manual goes way beyond beatmaking 101. There's only so much you can learn about hip hop production from audio technology schools, where the art form's finer points are generally glossed over. Sa'id's accessible BeatTips Manual fills in the blanks. It shines in its efforts to educate readers on topics that are often overlooked. Do the knowledge!"
    —SCRATCH Magazine

    "Great Book! If you produce beats, buy this book. You will not regret it."